The 7 Worlds The 7 worlds are a series of planets naturally connected by portals known as Gateways. Each world has its own unique characteristics that have developed during their long histories. Despite the setting’s name, most of the world’s inhabitants are only aware of 6 worlds, Life, Strife, Heaven, Hell, Magic and Eternal Night. The 7th, Might, is spoken of in ancient legends and recent folk lore. It is rare to find someone who actually knows of a Gateway leading to it and rarer still to know of someone who has visited there. One may only freely travel between 4 of the worlds, Life, Strife, Magic and Night. The others are either regulated, beyond dangerous or next to impossible to get to.

History Each world and race has its own history and legends. However most share some similar stories and details. From these most scholars agree that the realms are currently in their third age. Each age has been defined by a catastrophic war that forever changed the worlds. The following is what the majority of scholars believe the realm’s true history to be.

The worlds have always been. Eight spheres floated in a sea of light and shadow for eons before the gods spread the seeds of life and the first beings took breath, the Dragons. The dragons of today are mere shadows of these ancient and venerable creatures. They manipulated magic almost as easily as the gods and it was they who created the gates between the worlds. (Most priests believe that Lotus actually fought these dragons and not the true gods at the end of the Lotus War.) As time passed their activities brought about the first of the High Races, Eladrin, Humans and the Dragon Born. It is after this that legends become muddled. All that is knows is a schism formed between at least 3 of the original dragons and this lead to the first war and the end of the first age. As the dust settled the World of Dragons was gone, either destroyed or its gates severed from the other Worlds. Contact with the World of Might was lost near the end of the First Age, although legends still persist that it exists.

Shortly after First War a subspecies of Eladrin emerged. The learned debate where they first appeared, some argue it was upon the World of Life while others claim it was on the World of Magic, the race themselves claim they were born in Heaven. These elves, as they called themselves, lacked the more obvious fey features of the Eladrin and formed a natural kinship with the lands they lived in. The dwarves were created during the First War but it is debated whether they were created as a race or were modified humans. Strange diseases began to infect humanity as well, some began to drink the blood of their fellows while others ate their flesh. Both types of afflicted gained enormous power in doing so and became the first Vampires and Lycanthropes. Despite the changes and hardships the people of the realms stabilized and flourished for hundreds of generations. Then a man, whose name is lost to history, began his quest to become a god…

Throughout the worlds are pieces of their soul. If a single person could collect and bond with each and every piece he would possess the power of a god and rise to join their ranks. Lotus was the Arch Angel set to guard the most powerful of these stones, the Stone of God. Lotus was chosen for this duty for he was the strongest, most able and proudest warrior in the god’s host. His pride would doom thousands. The nameless one traveled the realms and gathered the other stones while Lotus waited. Eventually the nameless one found them all and confronted Lotus in order to obtain the final stone. Lotus slew him and took all the stones for himself, he used the Stone of God to bind with the others and ascend to godhood. His desire was to be the only one, to rule the cosmos alone and uncontested. He created many different beings and creatures to further this aim. From his will the first demons spilled forth, the humans who swore loyalty to him became the Tieflings and the realms were embroiled in the Great War.

Worlds burned while Lotus’s armies ran wild. The small empires of the worlds could not stand against him and were thrown down again and again. Resistance came from the most unlikely of places; an elf named Sarin had rose to power on the World of Eternal Night and had proclaimed himself Warlord of the world. He united the vampires, drow, and civilized races of the planet and met Lotus’s armies head on. Time again they clashed and Sarin slowly pushed back the forces of Lotus. As the war neared its end Sarin controlled not only the World of Eternal Night, but Life, Magic and Stone as well. In a final gambit Lotus sent his armies against those of Sarin and confronted the remaining gods himself. The world they fought on, Strife as it is now known, was nearly obliterated. Lotus was all but destroyed while only 4 gods survived, Ioun, Kord, Sehanine and Avandra were left crippled and broken. So ended the Second Age.

Today the worlds are as described above. Few Tieflings followed Lotus to Hell and are widely accepted today, if not entirely trusted. Sarin disappeared after the final battle with Lotus and his world spanning empire collapsed to infighting and fractured into many fiefdoms and kingdoms. Lotus was taken to the World of Stone and his presence slowly twisted the place into Hell. The Gods slumber, unwilling or unable to give aid to those who still worship them. The Stones of the Gods, if they still exist, are surely scattered throughout the worlds once more.

Seven Worlds